VPFlowScope M


VPFlowScope M instruments

VPFlowScope M

VP INSTRUMENTS flow meter / pressure and Temperature measurement and recording. A breakthrough in flow/pressure and Dew Point measurements as NO calibration required.

Reason being it has a replaceable sensor in the form of a cartridge so no need to recalibrate. Simply open and replace cartridge. Also with WIFI capability so no wires and all can be viewed wirelessly ! Last but not the least system can be set with Alarms so if any parameter falls below or above the limit, the Alarm function takes over ! A revolutionary product for compressed air energy measurement !

Product Highlights

Three in one flow meter

For compressed air and technical gases

Patented VPSensorCartridge®: no more recalibration required

Optional direction measurement

Ethernet interface: Industry 4.0/ IOT ready

Ultra compact size and low weight