The VPFlowScope enables us to perform air audits quicker, easier and most cost effective. It is the Swiss army knife for any compressed air auditor.

The VPFlowScope measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously. It's the ultimate compressed air audit tool, used by leading auditors worldwide. The bright blue display provides real-time information, and with the built-in data logger, recording is as easy as taking a picture.

VPStudio software can be used for real-time measurements on your PC,to process data and to print reports. The VPFlowScope product family consists of a wet and a dry air flow meter, which are fully interchangeable and compatible with the VPFlowScope display modules.


Air audits

Demand side monitoring, sub metering of compressed air

Ring networks (bi-directional)

Air, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon:

Any dry and non corrosive gas.

We offer the VPFlowScope for both wet and dry compressed air. You can combine both the wet and dry sensor module with the same display module. That s why the VPFlowScope is so exceptional for air auditors. With the VPFlowScope you can measure virtually any compressed air system with a single instrument.